How To Succeed At Network Marketing If You Can’t Sell!

What is Network Marketing? Network marketing is a home business type of opportunity which is very popular with individuals looking to generate a part-time income from home. Some of the more popular companies which people are joining in America include Primerica, Avon, Financial Education Services and Total Life Changes (TLC) which all fit within the network marketing genre.

Network marketing business opportunities offer a low upfront investment, usually ranging from a less than hundred dollars to a couple hundred dollars to purchase a company’s flagship product or service. Network marketing opportunities allow regular individuals to become business owners by offering them the opportunity to sell a product or service directly to friends, family and other associates in the rep’s list of contact or network. Most if not all network marketing companies ask the participants to recruit other sales representatives in order to build an organization of sales people within the individuals business or network. These new sales representatives are usually referred to as a rep’s “downline” in which their sales also generate an income for those who signed them up in the business opportunity.

So how can you succeed at network marketing if you don’t like sales and your an introvert with very little people in your direct network to speak with?

Almost all people who join network marketing opportunities are not good at selling anything, most of them know nothing about selling at all. They often get pulled into an opportunity because they are sensationalized by the lifestyle of someone in the company who has generated a top rank in the business and get captivated by the glitz and glamour of the luxury cars and homes advertised by the top-earners. Most of your network marketers know nothing about marketing. Their only way for building a business is talking to as many people as possible. Although in most cases people fail to succeed at network marketing because they are afraid of rejection and are afraid to talk to people.

Repeated rejection is the fastest way to get discouraged and quit a network marketing business before you ever get started. Most people are taught by their up-line or sponsor to make a list of people they know as soon as they join, this is so they can increase their chances of meeting a deadline for a Quick Start Bonus or Rank Advancement.

The thing about making that list of people is 90% of people who live in America have a 9 to 5 mentality. We have been groomed to become mentally lazy and think anything that doesn’t require us to get up everyday and work for a pay check Monday thru Friday is a scam. This method of getting started is outdated especially with the internet and social media giving us an alternative.

Can You Succeed At Network Marketing Without Bugging Friends And Family?

The answer is yes, un-apologetically yes! The internet and social media have changed the game for network marketers and have allowed us to grow our networks faster than ever before. No longer do you have to go calling aunt Tina, or Uncle Robert and trying to convince them why they should join your business only for them to tell you it’s a scam or discouraging you by some other means. Friends and family normally reject you because they know you. They know you are not successful and truthfully and honestly they don’t trust you. They don’t trust you to bring them sound business advice. I mean lets be honest here… Would you trust someone who you just saw working at a fast food restaurant yesterday and today they come up to you and try to sell you on a product, service or business opportunity where you could make thousands of dollars a month by selling and recruiting others like you to join? Probably not!

People follow people, not business opportunities. If you’ve ever joined a network marketing opportunity, most likely you joined because the person who recruited you was either successful already or they introduced you to someone who was and it was that person’s influence which inspired you to join. People succeed at network marketing when they learn to promote themselves and not the business opportunity. How do you do this when your just getting started and have no proof of success?

Can You Succeed At Network Marketing And Build A Business Using The Internet?

The internet is so powerful because it gives new and experienced network marketing business owners the freedom from bugging family and friends with their opportunity but they can now target their marketing to attract those people who will most likely be interested in learning about their business. When you leverage the power of the internet to promote “yourself” and not your business opportunity by sharing valuable informative content to your target audience, you automatically develop a following who becomes interested in your opportunity. In most cases all you need to do is let them know if they are interested in what your doing to opt-in and in some cases you don’t have to mention your business at all.

The call to action features of your website and content will strike curiosity in those who find your content interesting and informative. If you want to succeed at network marketing on the Internet, you need to have certain things in place, i.e. your website (blog), your sales funnels and your advertising budget. Social media should be extensions of your brand while offering more efficient ways to reach your audience and lead them back to your website and sales funnels. Social media should be the tool you use to get people to know you, determine if they like you and develop a trust for you. Only when you have achieved this with your target audience will they buy from your or join your opportunity.

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