Most People Fail To Make Money Online Because They Look To Get Rich Quick

I have been making money online for more than 15 years. I have built online brands and shut them down more times than i can count pursuing the goal of making money online. One thing that i come to realize is that many people fail to make money online because they expect to get rich quick. I believe this mentality was created during the .com era when multi millionaires were created overnight with .com start ups and IPOs. Observing this success even had me with pipe dreams of thinking all i had to do was put up a website and begin start making money. To my surprise as well as many others who thought this way, this was not the case. It took me years of trial and error before i realized the secret to making money online with a real business.

I wasted countless hours of sleep staying up late in front of the computer looking for ways to drive traffic to poorly built web pages. Back then there was no WordPress or Blogs, no social media or apps. Only search engines and newly designed algorithms which i had no idea how to figure out being that i was not tech savvy and had no experience at all on how the internet worked.

I use to pay SEO companies just to put meta tags in my home page hoping to get me listed on Yahoo hoping to land on the first page for my given niche. Not to mention i really had no niche because i had no product or service to promote. I simply built amateur looking websites using Wyswig editors which actually wrote the HTML for me while placing affiliate links from Cory Rudl’s Internet Marketing Tips products and other affiliate links all over my site hoping to generate an income from people who visited my website but this was a complete failure.

Eventually i gave up and got a job, but i didn’t quit. I was determined to learn how to make money online like the pros. I wanted to live the .com lifestyle so i went to Borders bookstore and bought books on HTML, JavaScript and ColdFusion determined to teach myself webdesign so i could then offer my web design services to other aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners online. I finally figured out how to build a descent looking website but i still did not know how to market or drive traffic to get clients and sales.

I decided to put being an online entrepreneur on hold and go back to school for multimedia design so i could get a job in the field in which i had developed a passion for. Once i completed my multimedia program i was able to quickly find a job but i still had a burning desire to make money online and become an entrepreneur. I would still see advertisements of apparently everyday people generating enormous incomes making money online and this inspired to give it a shot again.

So i began looking for opportunities to become involved in. I started looking at Network Marketing or MLM companies and had this dream of using the Internet to grow a huge MLM team by being able to reach people all over the world. Although no matter what company i joined they all taught the same old traditional direct marketing techniques. Write down a a list of 100 friends and family and give them all a call. This had never worked for me, my network of friends and family were not business orientated and did not have the entrepreneur spirit. They were typical 9 to 5 type of people who thought stuff like MLM or Network Marketing was a scam.

I took to the search engines again looking for ways to make money online by leveraging the Internet to grow my mlm business. After jumping from one Network Marketing company to another thinking it was the company’s fault as to why i wasn’t successful i finally found a group of people who had the same idea in mind as me, and they introduced me to a term called “attraction marketing”.

Attraction marketing was a new concept to marketing online using social media to build a following and audience by not promoting your company but by promoting and branding yourself. This idea made so much sense to me, so i tested it with my own unique business within a unique niche and it worked like crazy. By providing value to my niche audience i quickly grew a following and began getting clients for my services. Although i did I have the advantage that my niche was not saturated with marketers and this allowed me to stand out and become successful fairly quickly.

After a few years my niche became very saturated and the services i provided became like a fad losing authenticity and integrity. Mainly because everyone with a deck of tarot cards thought they were a professional and thus the market got watered down fairly quickly. I shut that business down and went back to what i knew which was direct sales, internet marketing and network marketing, yet retaining everything i learned about how to make money online using attraction marketing with my old business.

You Can Make Money Online If People Come To Know, Like And Trust You

When i attempted to apply the attraction marketing techniques i learned from my marketing coaches and mentors to my Network Marketing business i didn’t get many results at first. This was mainly because the Network Marketing niche is very saturated. Although when i stepped away to build my own unique business online and began using those same techniques to build my brand and following within a unique niche i received almost instant results.

The unfortunate thing is that i spent the last 3 years marketing and promoting the wrong thing and therefore had to shut that business down and start over with a new brand in a new niche. I realized that to make money online you must get people to know, like and trust you. Almost unconsciously this is exactly what i was doing in my old business. Everyday i would create very compelling content for my unique audience providing them more value than anyone else in my niche. This made me the most popular in my field. So much so, i attracted a lot of jealousy and envy from other workers in my field.

The more my audience learned from me, the more they began to know me and look at me like some type of celebrity in my niche. When they would talk to me on the phone or see me on live video call they were literally star struck. If you are have a bit of personality and personal magnetism your followers will develop a like for you. They will grow fond of you the more you relate to them and their needs, experiences and desires. Its important for your followers to like you, no one will buy anything or join anyone in a business they didn’t like.

Think about it like this, if the man or women at your job was selling candy and you didn’t particularly like them because their personality was annoying, irritating or they simply came off obnoxious, would you buy from them or simply tell them your on a diet? Exactly, we tend to patronize those who we like, which is why companies use celebrities to sell products and even put celebrity names on products so that we will buy them.

The value i provided my following was useful to them and it helped them in their lives. The results they received from following my advice made them trust me. Trust is very important when you want to make money online. There are so many people who are selling the same products as you or apart of the same Network Marketing company as you. You have to ask yourself why should they join you instead of the top-earner with the top rank or fancy cars. People want to know that you can truly help them. This is why its important to provide value consistently. The top-earner may provide inspiration by creating lifestyle content but to be honest network marketing top-earners don’t have time to work with you. When they reach a certain level, their business is usually on autopilot because people join them simply because they are successful and many people hope to learn their secret to how they got to the top.

The secret is the very thing i mentioned above. People know them from most likely pushing their company in their face everyday on social media, explaining the comp plan or benefits of the products and people begin to like them because they have a magnetic personality. Although most of your top earners can teach you about their company, very few of them can tell you how to become a successful online marketer. When people view you as a resource of knowledge, they come to depend on you and expect you to be there when they are in a fix and need a solution. This is how you truly build connections and credibility.

The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Make Money Online By Providing Value To Their Audience

When i talk about providing value i’m not speaking about preaching to your team about how to recruit, or about going over your complicated compensation plan with random prospects or even reciting the benefits of your product or service. I’m speaking about “teaching” people from any business how to grow their business using the Internet. I’m talking about offering real workable knowledge that can help people generate traffic, leads and sales. Most people who want to make money online don’t quite grasp this concept because most people who are new don’t have enough knowledge to teach anyone anything. They are learning themselves. The secret is that we are all continuously learning.

No matter what niche or market you are in, it is important to always educate yourself daily about your industry and follow up with sharing what you learn to your audience and following. No matter what business i’m in or what industry i’m in, i read at least 100 pages a day. I’m always learning something new so that i always have something new to share with my audience. This is how to consistently provide value. You have to always be learning. By continuously providing value, i.e. information to your audience you become a resource. When you become a resource you not only add value to the marketplace but you also get people to trust you. Especially if the knowledge your sharing is useful and helps your audience to solve their problems. People follow people, not businesses. Again this why companies attach celebrities to products and services. Because the same people who follow that celeb will most likely buy the same products that celeb endorses. You have to become a celeb by becoming a known resource in your industry.

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