You Will You Need Your Own Website To Make Money Online As A Internet Marketer?

There is a saying which goes “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”, or something like that… lol. I mention this to say if your going to do something, do it right and there is a right way and a wrong way to become a successful internet marketer. The wrong way of course will result in you wasting time and most importantly money. So im going to attempt to show you the right way which will set you up to be a long tern Internet Marketer and not someone who becomes one of those bitter individuals who wanted to get rich quick and didn’t educate themselves properly before investing money into an industry they didn’t quite understand. These people make up all sorts of excuses as to why they didn’t succeed in the Internet Marketing, Network Marketing niche. They often blame their company usually jumping from opportunity to opportunity until they get fed up and quit or they say Internet Network Marketing is a scam because the only people who get paid are the people at the top, not realizing that the people at the top had to get there some way.

If you want to a career and make money online as an Internet Marketer for many years to come then you want to pay attention to what im about to tell you next…

The first thing you want to have as an internet marketer is a website, preferably a blog site. The reason is because you want to setup your residence? Your residence being your online real estate, something you own and have complete control over. This is where you start building your brand. Your website should be your central hub, extending out into the Internet connecting your various social media networks, channels and sales funnels. If you want to make money online as an internet marketer continuously, you need to have a place online where you deliver your most compelling and engaging content. You never want to depend on your social media network alone to build your business. The reason is you have no absolute control over your social media website. People get locked out of their social media, accounts get hacked, accounts get flagged or suspended, or the social media platform may lose its share in the marketplace and become irrelevant to reaching your desired audience.

When you own a website for example a blog site. No matter what social media platform you belong to, if you lost your affiliation with any of them your content will also have a home on your website where it can be updated and still found by seekers on Google by your keyword targeted audience. When you have your own website and focus your attention to getting traffic there, you will have a central hub to represent you as a Internet Marketer and a place to sell or refer your products and business opportunities.

You never want to lead with your product or business opportunity. You always want to lead by promoting yourself and the value you bring to the marketplace. This is what your website is for. Newbie internet marketers think the first thing you are suppose to do is start talking about the product or business opportunity all over your social media profiles, basically spamming the timeline with your business. This will surely get you looked at as someone who is begging people to join their business or buy their product. The best way to use social media is to provide more value to your audience and marketplace and make them beg you to know what your doing.

To Make Money Online As An Internet Marketer You Need To Learn To Generate Traffic And Capture Leads

Now that you know the most important piece to your Internet Marketing business, that being your website. You need to learn how to send targeted traffic to your website where you can capture leads. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website, although if your website is a blog and it should be. You can easily generate organic rankings on the search engines and generate tons of free traffic every day for many years to come. When you work with me, i teach you how to setup your website so that you become a lead generating magnetic. If you follow my instructions step by step you will become a powerful resource for your targeted audience and dominate your niche.

A website with a blog is the most powerful tool you can obtain as a marketer. Google finds blog sites to be more relevant because they are dynamic websites which are always updated with fresh content. Blog post are easy to optimize for specific “keywords” and allow you to target a specific audience based on what your website is about. Many successful eCommerce stores have a blog section where they make daily post about specific topics pertaining to their website and products.

Your website should have a way for you to collect leads from your visitors if you
want to make money online as an Internet Marketer

lead capture page

Your website should either have a lead capture form displayed on your web pages or at least share a link to a lead capture page. Leads are basically an individual who shows an interest in what you are selling by sharing contact information such as an email address, name and even a phone number for follow up calls. If you want to make money online and become a successful internet marketer you need to be actively building your email list. If your website is setup correctly, your content should motivate and inspire your visitors to give you their information and even do all the selling for you. Your job is to follow up with your clients depending on what information they provided you with. When you turn your website into a lead generating machine, you will always have people to prospect and this will take the hassle out of bugging family and friends and even spamming your social media profiles. You will have people coming to you who actually want to learn about your product or business opportunity.

The Fastest Way To Make Money Online As An Internet Marketer And Generate Traffic And Leads Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Now once you have your website setup and have started generating content, traffic and leads. You may want to concentrate your efforts toward getting more people in front of your offers and increase the amount of leads you have coming into your business. The fastest way to do this is with pay-per-click advertising. This part of building your business requires patience on the part of the internet marketer if he/she wants to make money online. If you choose to use Facebook Ads to promote your business and you should, your going to need to spend time educating yourself in order to fully maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook Advertising and getting a higher return on your investment.

Never look at pay per click ads as money spent, but rather see it as money invested. The whole point is to spend as little as possible to generate the most amount of leads and sales. Pay-Per-Click Advertising allows you to target a specific audience and even match that audience with your content. Having a website particularly a Blog is particularly integral to the success of you Pay-Per-Click Advertising with Facebook. Your website has the ability to send information about your readers back to Facebook so that the most relevant ads are shown to them in the Newsfeed. We will speak more about this in future blog articles about Facebook Ads, although just know that if you want to truly make money online as an Internet Marketer you will definitely need to master Pay-Per-Click Ads especially with Facebook which happens to be the largest website in the world next to you YouTube.

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